“The Sin Of Achan”

“Joshua 7”


Last Tuesday morning June 23rd on my way to work I was praying, praising, speaking in tongues, and thinking about the possiblilty of an evangelistic concert at my apt complex if I could get use of the courtyard to do so. I was thinking about what I could preach. Then in the middle of my prayers, praise, and tongues I said Lord, You know I am not just an evangelist but a revivalist, and I need a new revivalist message. The last one I had been preaching previously was on the 10 virgins. I had just finished writing a small book on the subject and published it. The Lord did not delay to answer my question. I immediately heard: “The Sin Of Achan”. It hit me like a thunderbolt when He said it and I had waves on it hitting me through the day as I got more revelation on it. At one point tears, and another I felt I would fall over. It was a section of scripture I had asked God about as a young baby Christian in the early 80’s wondering why God had to have them stone Achan’s wife and children along with him for his sin. It seemed very severe and heart breaking to me. He quickly answered me way back then and said: Their seed would grow up to be a root of bitterness and rebellion in the midst of Israel. But if Achan had gotten away with his sin and not been punished for it at all then sin would spread through the camp of Israel. Even if the Lord did not make it known that someone had sinned and it had been kept a secret Achan himself would eventually tell his friends and say to different ones: Look what I got and got away with and then encourage them, you can do it to in the next city we go and conquer.

So what is the sin of Achan and how does it apply to the church today? Well Achan took gold and silver from Jericho that he had been commanded not to, for it belonged to the treasury of the Lord. So basically because of his lust and selfishness he stole from the Lord and the treasury of the Lord for the temple. Then he hid it under his tent and began to act like nothing happened. Like he was just another one of the children of Israel obeying the Lord and seeking after the Lord, doing His will. Just one of the people. For the rest of the people had obeyed the Lord in this area. Nobody else had stolen anything but had obeyed the command of the Lord through Joshua. Achan is just walking around like one of the rest of the congregation of Israel thinking his sin is hidden. But God had it exposed and dealt with in order to keep sin out of the camp and keep the people pure. While Joshua was the leader of Israel the people stayed true to the Lord and followed the Lord and went in and claimed their inheritance. But once Joshua died people began to go their own way. There was not keeping sin out of the camp by dealing with it because there was no leader to lead them that had a walk with God like Joshua and they eventually turned away to their own ways and forgot the Lord except for a small remnant.

What was Achan’s sin besides robbing the Lord? Falsehood. He hid his sin as if it was not there and pretended to be like one of the rest of Israel. He wanted to appear as if he had done nothing wrong, as if there was no sin, as if he had never done it. It was hidden under the tent. And he went on as if he was just another one of the children of Israel obedient to the ways of the Lord and commands of the Lord through Joshua.

But he wasn’t. He was not one of them. For they were all obedient. At least at this point and time in which Joshua was leader. But Achan was not obedient. He was a robber and a thief. He was not one of them

So how does this compare to the church today? God delivered the children of Israel from that seed of sin of Achan and took him out of the way and kept the congregation pure for that time.

But what about today? I saw 3 ways in which this falsehood has entered the church. 1) Through false (unconverted) Christians 2) through carnal Christians who never grow or cease to grow in their faith 3) through false doctrine brought in by compromised leadership in the church.

  • False Christians have crept into the church many ways. One way is Christian women go out into the street to find their buff mate to marry thinking they can change him by dragging him to church. They often end up very compromised themselves in the process. I have met so many men on the job when they find out I am a Pentecostal or Christian they tell me they are too and that they go to such and such Assembly of God or Church Of God or non- denominational church. At this point I have already heard them cuss like a sailor with all the other guys and laugh at sex jokes and tell their own. I am always amazed how they would not be ashamed of telling me they go to church and are suppose to be a Christian. It is because they are not one. They have never been converted and have hardly any conscience. They are deceived as they have been coming with their wife, being on their best behavior at church, and fitting right in like one of the rest of them. The other way false Christians creep in is their parents raise them in the church and lead them to believe they are Christian because they were raised in a Christian home and in the church without ever really leading them to repentance and conversion.
  • The carnal Christians. These are the foolish virgins who have no oil in their lamps. They got saved, and when they did they got a little oil in their lamp. The lamp is the anointed WORD that is anointed with the oil of the Spirit that went into their heart and brought them to repentance and converted them. That is their lamp, the Word in their heart. But they were suppose to get their vessel or body filled with the oil too but never did or did but then backslid and let it run dry. They never grew, they never got their vessel filled but just stayed carnal remaining babes and then began to compromise. The church is full of both of these.
  • Then we have false doctrine brought in by compromised leaders. When I first got restored to the Lord at age 18 after falling away from the Lord at a young age when my parents got divorced I went out to Youth With A Mission where I learned about the baptism of the Spirit. Then at age 19 I went back home to Macon, Ga. To my first non-denominational charismatic church where the pastor there use to say: Jesus is Lord of all or not Lord at all. I found it to be a common saying among other pastors too. Jesus said: Why call ye Me Lord, Lord and do not the things I say. Back then none of the charismatic non denominational churches believed once saved, always saved. It is not I any of the Pentecostal denomination statements of doctrine. Yet in our day it has become rampant. Baptist ministers hungry for the Baptism of the Spirit having found out about it would receive it and then go out without any training in the Spirit-filled life or doctrines go out and start their own charismatic or Pentecostal church. They figured since they had already been a minister for years they were mature enough and now even got the Spirit. Not so. You don’t really mature much if you haven’t had your vessel filled with oil through the baptism. You are limited in understanding the Word and spiritual things without it. Yet so many have done so. Not just Baptists like I was who are kings of the once saved always saved doctrine but Presbyterians, Methodists and more. So then we get watered down doctrines in the church. Now days it seems half the Pentecostals and charismatics out there all believe once saved always saved. It does not stop there. Besides the watered down denominational doctrines creeping into the charismatic church you have cult doctrines creeping into the charismatic and Pentecostal churches. Pastors who got saved and filled with the Spirit and then led away by false doctrines or people who were false in the first place Starting charismatic non denominational churches that preach healing, the gifts of the Spirit along with universalism saying there is no hell and we all get saved. Both of these false doctrines destroy the church at it’s foundation giving a license to sin. Is there security in Jesus? Sure there is! But it is in Him and nowhere else. It is abiding in Him and following Him and staying under the shadow of the almighty through living in the secret place. Not in putting faith in a false doctrine of once saved always saved that is nowhere in scripture. Yet scripture continuously warns Christians of their need to abide, remain, endure, keep the faith, and be not moved away from the hope of the gospel or have an evil heart of unbelief in departing from the living God. So now falsehood has crept into the church to such a great degree through false doctrine that now no repentance is needed, everybody is saved, it’s a free for all on sin so now it’s ok to be gay. So we have a church filled with falsehood and the world has no idea what real Christians are. What use to be called hypocrites is now just called Christians. The only way for God to get His church pure without spot or blemish is: You say the blood of Jesus! I say no, That’s already been done. But the blood of Jesus does not cover sin not repented of. The only way to get the church pure the way God wants it is to clean out the falsehood. Get ready for a ride! You do not know what you are in for. It is going to get real ugly before it gets better. If you thought you had seen shaking oh well. We need the fire of God in the church to clean it out but much of the so called church has rejected the fire! The only way ahead is repentance of falsehood and turning fully to Jesus!

Keith Green once said at the beginning of one of his songs that was recorded live at a concert. He said: SO many people think they are a Christian because they go to church but going to church doesn’t make you a Christian anymore than going to McDonald’s makes you a hamburger. And saying a prayer doesn’t make you a Christian, people in every religion pray. Even praying to Jesus doesn’t make you a Christian. He said many will come in that day saying Lord, Lord, and He says depart from Me, I never knew you. Having the gifts of the Spirit or looking like you’ve got them doesn’t make you a Christian either, He said: May shall come in that days saying Lord, Lord, did we not cast out devils and heal the sick, etc? He said the same thing, depart from Me, I never knew you. The He said you want to know what a Christian is? I got a really good definition. Someone who is bananas for Jesus! Someone who loves the Lord his God with all his heart, all his mind, and all his strength.

Jesus said: If you love me you will keep my commandments.