Jesus came and died on the cross for you!

So that you might have life!
God so loved you that He sent Jesus to die on the cross for you because you needed a Savior. You see God is perfect and loving and just and good and holy! But we have fallen and are selfish and sinful and think only of ourselves. This is wickedness to God and breaks His holy law of love. But yet God still loves us and while we were yet sinners Christ died for us! Jesus the Christ, the Son of God & God the Son came to earth and became a man to go to the cross and die for you and me. Through repentance and faith you can receive Him and He will save you and set you free! His word says in John chapter 1: To as many as received Him to them gave He power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on His name. He will fill you with His Holy Spirit and give you a new life and set you free, free from sin and free to know and love your creator. You see He came to restore you to relationship with Himself. But you must repent of your sin, ask His forgiveness, and receive Him as your Lord and Savior and ask Him to cleanse you and fill you with His Holy Spirit. He will do it! Do you want to be restored to the purpose for which you were created? Or do you want to continue in sin and misery and follow it to it’s consequences of eternal judgment? You see God created a place called hell for the devil and his angels who fell from heaven and turned against God. He did not create it for man. But when man chooses to follow evil and sin and Satan he chooses hell right along side him which is eternal fire for ever and ever. It’s you choice! Choose life or death! Jesus loves you and is waiting for you!

Are you ready to pray?

Pray with me now!
Pray this after me! Dear Lord Jesus. Please forgive me of my sin. I repent before You for living selfishly and sinfully. I ask You forgiveness and cleansing now! Please come into my life and be my Lord and Savior and fill me with Your Holy Spirit that I may have new life in you and relationship with you and be restorde to God. In Your name I pray Jesus. I receive You now by faith and thank you for forgiveness and life in You. Amen!

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