A Testimony

On Monday, April 25th, 2011, in the afternoon, 2 days before David Wilkerson

was killed in a car accident I came home from work tired and went up stairs to take a nap.

I laid down on the bed and fell off to sleep.

Rather than having a dream I had an even more dramatic experience.

While laying on the bed asleep the Lord screamed into my ears:

Warn them! Warn them! Before it’s too late!

I awoke immediately not even understanding what had just happened

but had tears running down my face, the room was filled with the presence of God.

I felt His broken heart over the lost and an urgency like I had never felt before.

I felt like I was in shock. I thought the tears must be His because I had not even had time

to register what had just happened, much less to feel His brokeness;

because the tears were already running down my face as I awoke.

About a year later in 2012 I had a revelation while listening to a song by

Nicole C. Mullins: My Redeemer Lives.

The Lord began to show me that just like so many that had given their testimony on TV shows

of how they were about to jump off a cliff or jump out a window and take their life God

intervened and spoke to them or sent an angel, that the day He saved me I too was about to jump

off a cliff spiritually speaking but I just didn’t know it, but He reached out and saved me.

He did speak to me out of the sky that day as I was about to make a grave decision and warned me.

It was just a few minutes later that I had fallen on my knees in a gravel parking lot and gave

my heart to the Lord.

I began to worship in tears as I listened to the rest of the song singing of my

Redeemer and His amazing grace.

The next week I was listening to the same song again and began to think on my encounter

again wanting to experience it again.

Instead I had a vision of crowds of people leeping off a cliff into hell deceived

as if they were at a party and were just jumping off into a swimming pool.

It was horrifying! I wept!

The next year in 2013 God moved me to write the book: The Two Minute Warning! The video is below!

We are now in the Two Minute Warning! Warn them! Warn them! Before it’s too late!