“The East Nashville Revival dreams”

Sunday morning February 8th I had 2 dreams. In the first dream I had a dream of radical dramatic revival breaking out all over east Nashville. I woke up and thought: Wow! revival breaking out all over East Nashville. I then went back to sleep as it was early and I was still very tired. I had another dream again. I woke up from it thinking wow! Another dream about revival breaking out all over East Nashville. But then I realized this dream was different. I knew in my spirit it was about revival as the Holy Spirit was testifying that to me when I awoke but it was different. In this dream we, myself and other Christians including my team from cry out nashville were selling pizzas. Everybody all over East Nashville were buying the pizzas too. We were all pizza delivery drivers and I had gotten back to the pizza shop to find a lady friend who is part of our cry out team named Melody in the pizza shop. She looked at me and said: We have all these pizzas to deliver. Everybody all over east Nashville are ordering pizzas like crazy and we need more drivers to deliver them. We don’t have enough. At that point I awoke. The message is: This revival is going to break out in East Nashville and we are not even going to have enough laborers for the harvest. Although the church where we meet at for our Cry Out prayer meetings is in East Nashville at the Berry Street Worship Center (Salvation Army church) and we have had words and visions about revival breaking out there. There is another church that will see it too because both dreams working taking place and pouring forth from within the heart of East Nashville where is located 5 Points Pizza for the 2nd dream but where there is also a church on Gallatin Rd. called House of Blessing where I sensed people gathering in the first dream. This reveals to me that revival will hit both churches of Berry Street and House Of Blessing and pour out into east Nashville.

Sept. 30/2014
Dream – Another Great Awakening

I had a dream this morning. I sent out a summary to get an interpretation and then got one and now I will share the whole details of the dream as when I got theinterpretation I saw all the parts had significance.
I had gone back to bed after putting the kids on the bus and was only lightly sleeping when I began to dream. I was looking at a yard that was round but I did not realize that until I got the interpretation because I could not see the backyard but only saw the rounded (half moon) area in front. On the yard or property sat a fairly beat up trailer house and some junk in the yard like a broken bicycle or tricycle and stuff. The main thing though I was looking at in the front yard were two big tree trunks. One was about 4-5 feet tall and the other 5-6 feet tall (correcting what I said earlier in messages about them being 3-4 & 4-5). They were cut off at the point where the trunk forms out into limbs rather than in the middle of the trunks themselves. The trunks were probably 2-2 1/2 feet in diameter. So looking straight forward at this yard & broken down house with two cut off tree trunks in my dream I said: Lord, (speaking to Him of the tree trunks that my eyes were caught on to) what does this mean? He answered and said: These are two moves of God that were cut off. Immediately I cried, Lord, is there a third tree? Is there a third move of God. As I heard Him say yes, My wife walked into the room and began to wake me out of my sleep with her noise. The next thing I heard after yes while already waking out of my sleep was- in the backyard. I immediately wanted to see the tree but was out of the dream and waking but yet still imagining that tree I wanted to see in back. I was seeing the big tree with the big limbs spreading out. Then completely awake understood nothing of it but wondered if the part that kept happening after awakening out of the dream about the tre in the backyard was really from God too as I knew the dream was or was it me trying to hold onto the dream and see a tree there. I understood once I got the interpretation that it was.
After sending a short version of the dream out on a facebook message to a few prophetic folks hoping for a quick interpretation I got anxious when not receiving one right away and forwarded it too my friend Pastor Todd Lackey as well. When he sent a message back saying: It’s time! This is the generation, I immediately understood the whole thing. The two trees were not just small general moves of God but were the two great awakenings. The yard which was round with the backyard included that I could not see was the world. The beat up trailer house was the church in poor condition. The third tree in back that I could not see is the third great awakening yet to come that will happen in the midst of these judgments and persecutions that are to hit.

Oct. 5th/ 2014

Dream – We’re Not Ready!

training school / earthquake

Last night/ this morning I had another prophetic dream. I was in a training school of some sort. But I would always seem to wander off and be distracted from class. At one point the teacher had found me in the hallway as the class line was returning to the classroom. He said get over here in the line and get in the class. I did. But when the teacher had turned his head and walked the other way I darted out of line just before entering class and down the hallway to the restroom. Then after leaving the restroom I wandered outside and happened upon another young man standing out in the schoolyard with whom I chatted a little. Then all of the sudden the earth begin to tremble and shake beneath me like I had never seen before. It was rumbling all over and moving like water moves on top. Then the earth split open in two places on each side of me. Then it stopped. The split was not so wide that I could not jump to one side. Then all of the sudden there was the teacher again. He began to reprimand me when he saw me and I began to explain saying no, I just had to go to the restroom, I just had to go to the restroom and then this earthquake. Then he responded: Did you answer the question on the assignment? Did you? No, I replied. Then he began to say: You’re not ready, You’re just not ready, You’re just not ready. Then I awoke remembering the heavenly visitation of Carlos Sarmiento and the Lord saying they’re not ready, and Carlos saying: We’re not ready. and I began to say oh no! I’m not ready, I’m not ready. Then the Holy Spirit calmed me and revealed to me that I didn’t represent me as I thought but the whole of the body of Christ. Then I realized, no it could not be me. I’m not like that. That’s what I was like as a young teenager in school but not now. I have my issues but I’m not lukewarm by any means. This kid had no concern for what was going on. Wandered around aimlessly, disobeyed the teacher, did his own thing, had not interest in class or what was being taught. What was being taught, what was this school. It was the training school to get us all ready but we’re not paying attention in class to what the Lord is trying to teach us to prepare us for what’s ahead. The earthquake is coming soon and so much more! Are we ready? Are we ready for what the Lord wants to pour out on us? We must seek the Lord and lay aside every weight and get ourselves ready. The boy outside is Satan trying to distract us and lure us outside of class but the Lord is our teacher and we must stay with Him and not wander around or that day will come on us in a moment when we are by ourselves away from Him and not ready.

The Dream

I went down on the 19th of July to Tampa, Florida to the RHB campmeeting. I had been seeking the Lord and hoping to receive some clarity and confirmation on doing Cry Out Nashville again while down there. After arriving there on Monday night we took a trip to Orlando on Tuesday and then got back in time for the meeting Tuesday night. Tuesday night I had a dream. In the dream I was in a building that had three levels. A bottom floor, a second level and a penthouse deck level. The Christians were in this building the people of the world were on the outside drinking and doing drugs and wild partying. I was on the second floor where not many were. The prophet Bob Jones (whom I knew had already passed) walked down the stairs from the penthouse and looked around the room there on the second floor. I was already beginning to feel the weight of the Spirit and oil & new wine over me. I could see Bob Jones felt it too. Bob said call everybody down from the 3rd level and everyone up from the bottom level to come here to the 2nd level den. We are going to have visitation and the baptism of the Spirit. I immediately knew he was not talking about initial baptism as many had received it but about fresh fire. But I was still just standing there watching. Another man standing there who seemed to have authority over me who was old and white headed and same height as Bob but much thinner and with long hair looked at me. He said to me: You heard him Bob, go call everyone from up top to come down and everyone below to come up. Immediately the dream was over.

In the morning we went to the meeting. Pastor Melody came up and greeted us. Oh you already got here I said. Can you interpret the dream I had last night? I shared the dream with her. She looked at me and said. The 3rd level is heaven and the bottom level is the earth and the 2nd level is the bringing together of the two. Immediately I knew as the man had told me to call the two together, I knew I was called to bring/ connect heaven to the earth and that that was what Cry Out Nashville 2015 was about! I had my vision and my confirmation dream . Praise the Lord!

“The Eli Prophecy”

In February of 2013 I went to Cleveland, Tn. To T.L. Lowery’s church as John Kilpatrick from Mobile , Alabama was bringing the Bay Revival there. I was hoping to get filled with the fire and come back to Nashville with a greater fire and anointing for evangelism & revival. When I arrived that Thursday night the place was filled with the fire. I had not been in that strong of an anointing and glory for a while. I had not seen people worship like that in a while. Instead of 10- 50% of the people with their hands raised to God it was more like 95-99%. I left that night filled with the fire and excitement. I went straight to a restaurant and ate and then back to my hotel room and walked the floor for two hours or more praying in tongues at 99 mph. just filled with the fire until I finally fell over on the bed and went to sleep. The next morning I got up and went to breakfast thinking only about how I wanted to do that again. I thought I’ll just walk my hotel room floor praying in the Spirit until tonight’s meeting. I got back to the hotel and began to do just that. Shortly after I began the Lord spoke ubruptly to me saying sit down and turn to 1 Samuel and read. My Bible was already open on the table by the chair. I sat down and began reading from the beginning of 1 Samuel. When I got to the end of Chapter 4 I believe it is where the glory had departed I knew I had finished reading what He wanted me to. But I did not understand. I said: Lord, Have I not been raising my two children properly (as the story was about Eli & his two sons). The Lord just said: America is Eli, Phinehas & Hophni and judgment is set! Immediately I understood it all and I saw that Eli represented the political & legal leadership of the nation as well as the spiritual or religious and that music & television represented Phinehas & Hopni but geographically speaking were represented by New York & Hollywood. Eli had allowed his sons to defile the alter & sanctuary of the Lord without correcting them and America has allowed music & television & New York & Hollywood to defile it’s children and the rest of the world. I saw that judgment was set as it was in the scripture and Eli, Phinehas & Hophni all fell in one day and the glory departed from Israel. I saw how grave the judgment was in the Spirit and I fell to my knees in tears begging for hope & mercy & revival in the nation and then I heard the Lord say: There is hope! There are still Samuels & Hannahs in the land!

We are those Samuels and Hannahs and we must pray & sound the alarm and we must be firestarters ourselves bringing revival ourselves through the spreading of the power of the Holy Spirit. We must cry out for the True Fire to manifest through our lives and put away from ourselves all strange fire!