"A Testimony"

On Monday, April 25th, 2011, in the afternoon, 2 days before David Wilkerson

was killed in a car accident I came home from work tired and went up stairs to take a nap.

I laid down on the bed and fell off to sleep.

Rather than having a dream I had an even more dramatic experience.

While laying on the bed asleep the Lord screamed into my ears:

Warn them! Warn them! Before it’s too late!

I awoke immediately not even understanding what had just happened

but had tears running down my face, the room was filled with the presence of God.

I felt His broken heart over the lost and an urgency like I had never felt before.

I felt like I was in shock. I thought the tears must be His because I had not even had time

to register what had just happened, much less to feel His brokeness;

because the tears were already running down my face as I awoke.

About a year later in 2012 I had a revelation while listening to a song by

Nicole C. Mullins: My Redeemer Lives.

The Lord began to show me that just like so many that had given their testimony on TV shows

of how they were about to jump off a cliff or jump out a window and take their life God

intervened and spoke to them or sent an angel, that the day He saved me I too was about to jump

off a cliff spiritually speaking but I just didn’t know it, but He reached out and saved me.

He did speak to me out of the sky that day as I was about to make a grave decision and warned me.

It was just a few minutes later that I had fallen on my knees in a gravel parking lot and gave

my heart to the Lord.

I began to worship in tears as I listened to the rest of the song singing of my

Redeemer and His amazing grace.

The next week I was listening to the same song again and began to think on my encounter

again wanting to experience it again.

Instead I had a vision of crowds of people leeping off a cliff into hell deceived

as if they were at a party and were just jumping off into a swimming pool.

It was horrifying! I wept!

The next year in 2013 God moved me to write the book: The Two Minute Warning!

We are now in the Two Minute Warning! Warn them! Warn them! Before it’s too late!

The Invitation & Call

I remember sitting under the teaching of Winkie Pratney in YWAM. He quite often would say in his messages: Christianity is an invitation to a crucifixion. Not the one of Jesus but our own. The call of Christ is a call to die! So few of us seem to understand this but Jesus taught it all the time in His teachings while walking on earth with His disciples. Many of us think we have been invited to dine but we have been invited to die. The banqueting table is for those who have been crucified with Christ. We are to be buried with Him in baptism. He was raised again to life and our life is to be in and through Him as we are raised in Him. We are not our own but are bought with a price. You say salvation is free but that is not true. It cost Jesus His life and it will cost you yours. You are freely forgiven of past sins under the condition that you relinquish your future into His hands. You must come to the cross and die along side Him. There is no other way. We deceive ourselves when we think that we can have the cake and eat it too so to speak. We deceive ourselves when we think we can have His life while we sow to our flesh. He told us if we seek to find our life we will lose it but if we lose it for His sake then and only then we will find it in Him. Many of us in the church cry out for revival. But do we know what we are asking? Let me put it in medical terms. Have you ever heard of a doctor reviving a living breathing person. No. A person comes out of a coma but only a dead person can be revived. The doctor often uses the shock pedals to do it. The electric shock revives the heart that has cease to beat and pump. Only the dead person can be revived and so it is in the spiritual. Only he who has died to self can be revived and filled by the Spirit of God just as only the repentant can be forgiven and saved after he or she has repented and turned from self unto God. So it is with us. We must die! It is imperative. As long as we are alive to our own self will, self pleasing, self promotion, self fulfillment, self awareness, self seeking & self stinking pride & selfishness we will never experience the life of God. God will not take up residence in a selfish sinful soul. When we repent and turn from sin unto God He comes in and fills us. But after that conversion when the flesh props up it’s head to tempt us again in our own self pleasing pursuit and we don’t put that thing to death but rather yield to it we begin quickly to push the life of God right back out of us. The word says be not deceived, he that sows to the flesh shall of the flesh reap corruption. So many young Christians have heard the pastor and other fellow Christians say: You can’t be perfect, Once saved, always saved, Everybody does this, there’s nothing wrong with it. Oh, It’s OK. So we listen to all the garbage and the newly born Christian who started out in the crucified life has now begun to crucify Christ again instead of his flesh. Beloved, He did not come to bless our self life but to set us free from ourselves. The abundant life that He promised is only found in the crucified life. There is no joy in hanging on to the self life where only you are all alone with your own stinking self desires. Life and freedom is when you die and let Him revive you and fill you with Himself and His life. Come to the cross today and let Him have His way!

Race or Rest

(Our Security in Him)

By Bob Ross Thomas

I recently heard a prophet evangelist prophesying of a great heresy that was entering the church and he said it was going to snowball. He said it would be similar to universalism, a new brand of easy believe-ism. I say it has already arrived. I have found this greasy grace easy believe-ism popping up everywhere.

I grew up in my early years in the Baptist church where we were taught Once saved always saved. Although we basically left the church altogether after my parents were divorced my mom would try to go back sometimes and drag me and my brother with her. Irregardless the whole family believed the Baptist doctrine they were taught and therefore had no need to go to church because they had already gotten their get out of jail free card because they had said the prayer and had been dunked in the water. So many believe this to be the way to heaven but the truth is that without a real relationship with God, it is straight to hell to not pass go, do not collect $200 dollars that is our destiny. When I encountered God at age 18 after being convicted and responding in sorrow and tears of repentance on my knees in a parking lot in Vidalia, Ga. In 1980 I found out that knowing God was far more than I had ever dreamed. I got up off my knees and found I was a new person. I had a love and peace flowing out of me that I had never had before. Although I had encountered God at a young age of 7 I walked away from it when my parents divorced at age 8 and never grew in that walk that had begun at such an early age. So when I encountered Him so much more powerfully at 18 and found out that He was so much more and I knew that me nor my family had ever had this kind of love peace and joy and presence flowing out of us I set out to try to save my family and make them understand that they needed God like me. That their belief system wouldn’t get them anywhere and that they needed the real thing and so I preached at them and they just ignored it. I had figured this out without any teaching that they were lacking the real thing. Upon arriving out to YWAM in Texas shortly after I began to open my heart to truth and become teachable. I decided that if there had been no life in the Baptist doctrine I was raised in that I would throw it out and let God teach me what His Word really says.

Back then there was a saying in the Charismatic church I learned that went like this: Jesus is Lord of all or He isn’t Lord at all. In other words you either got Him or you don’t. Pentecostals were even more legalistic than that. They said something like if you walked out and sinned you had lost your salvation and were on your way to hell which was quite an extreme. When I got saved I didn’t immediately become perfect in character where I would never commit any sins although my way of living immediately greatly changed. The difference was I was now in love with Jesus and full of His Holy Spirit and would seek to please Him and would sorrowfully ask forgiveness when I did sin or make mistakes.

Now though it’s all become a free for all. Charismatic and Pentecostal churches are full of people that believe the old Baptist doctrine of once saved always saved. That you can live how you want and walk in the flesh and not seek after God or a godly life and still can never lose your salvation. Its open season for greasy grace that really has no idea what grace is. When the prophesied great revival truly begins to break out it will truly only be a miracle from God because as Paris Reidhead once said looking at this generation some years back; I don’t see how God can revive it! Until we get back to true Christianity.

We live in a time where the world has now decided that not only are they not following Jesus but they don’t even believe there is a God while many new agers believe in a universal force. At the same time we have a church that believes in a free for all where they can live like they want and still keep their get out of hell free card. I know many good committed Christians that love Jesus and yet believe this way. If they continue to love and walk with Jesus they will be fine but many of the people they share their doctrinal opinion of error with will not be so fine.

Paul never taught us grace with no consequences. I have heard people say that Jesus was only preaching to unconverted Jews and therefore taught law but Paul was the one to bring us the age and dispensation and doctrine of grace for the gentiles. It often makes me think they have not read Paul’s writing very well. Although my views of doctrine are based on the teaching of Jesus, that doctrine is strengthened and supported by the writings of Paul. The convincing of its truth came from the writings of Paul. Although Jesus made it clear that the branches that do not abide in Him whither and are cast into the fire Paul taught in every one of his epistles that partaking of the kingdom was conditional. He mentions in one way or another in everyone of his epistles that we must continue in the Lord and His grace to enter in and partake.

And yet people ever endeavor to teach that you can be secure and cannot lose your salvation because Jesus’ grace is unconditional and not based on works and you cannot earn it so therefore not to worry just say the prayer and say yes to a few questions and get dunked and get your hand shaked and you’re in the kingdom forever. After all, that don’t want anyone getting under condemnation as the Word says; there is no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus.

No, we cannot earn salvation and we are completely saved by grace. There is nothing you can do to make up for your past sins and earn the grace that has been given to you. But do not think that it is unconditional. It is based upon repentance and a committal to believe in and follow Jesus. And there is no condemnation to those who are in Him, not those who think they are in Him while out living in the world. And our future sins are forgiven as we repent. John said to Christians that if we confess our sins He is faithful and just to forgive and cleanse us. He also said that He was writing to us that we sin not but if we sin we have an advocate with the Father.

I remember I had and read a book years ago by a Baptist pastor called: Life In The Son. It had a forward from the president of a particular Baptist theological seminary. He said we need to read and take he to what Mr. Shank has written and study for ourselves. He has studied and done his homework well. He was teaching in this book that life was in the Son and nowhere else, that you must be abiding in the Son to have His life. The scripture says He that has the Son has life and he that does not have the Son does not have life. But the Greek more accurately says: He that is having the Son is having the life and he that is not having the Son is not having the life but the wrath of God abides on him.

Here is a example story: Two guys: Joey & Johnny, in their early 20’s are good friends with one another and live a lifestyle of boozing and partying and smoking pot and doing drugs and having sex with random girls etc. They both are living in sin to the max. One has parents who are atheists and never taught him about God and therefore he never sought to live up to the light of his conscience and know and follow after Jesus. The other went to the Baptist church when he was a boy and excepted Jesus and was baptized and excited about the things of God for a while until his family stopped going to church. Both clearly on the outside look like bad trees bearing bad fruit. One night they are killed in a car accident one night while out partying. They are both killed instantly without Joey having time to remember Jesus and cry out for forgiveness for his riotous living. Johnny’s parents are utterly broken over the situation not having any hope in an afterlife for him or them. Joey’s parents get their former Baptist pastor to preach the funeral. He consoles them that they will see Joey again when they go be with Jesus reminding them that Joey was saved and baptized in his church.

In reality where does Joey go? Does God let Joey in to heaven while sending Johnny to hell? Would God be just to do so if Joey had not repented?

If our theology and doctrine was better we would be more apt to be out winning souls. But because we have this idea that we can do nothing and that God is going to save who He will save and only He can save them and once they are saved they will never be unsaved sop we sit back and do nothing.

The whole chapters of Hebrews 3 & 4 teach us that we must labor to enter into God’s rest and salvation. We are not in that rest. The rest is the promise land of heaven on the other side; New Jerusalem. Paul tells us in Colossians that are hope is sure if we continue in the faith rooted and grounded (Col.1:23). He also tells us in Romans 8 that if we through the Spirit do mortify (put to death) the deeds of the body we shall live. He also tells us in Romans 11 to not be highminded but take heed and continue in His goodness otherwise we also shall be cut off. Rom. 11:19-22. He also warns us in Galatians to be not deceived, that God is not mocked. For whatsoever a man sows that shall he also reap. If he sows to the flesh he will reap corruption but if he sows to the Spirit he will reap life everlasting. He is not saying the person who says the prayer and receives Jesus will receive life everlasting, but rather is focusing on the choices the person made after receiving Jesus. Again Paul says in Ephesians to not be deceived with vain words, that no man who is a covetous man or idolater, etc. has any inheritance in the kingdom of God. He is talking to the Church, to supposed Christians. He is warning them that they need to abide in Jesus and cannot frustrate the grace of God as he also teaches in Romans 6. Paul says in Gal.2:18 For if I build again the things which I destroyed I make myself a transgressor. The writer of Hebrews warns us through the whole of his epistle to not neglect our salvation and not turn away or fall away or draw back or sin willfully after having received so great salvation. He tells us in Hebrews 3:6 if we hold fast the confidence and the rejoicing of the hope firm unto the end. He tells us again in Hebrews 3:14 that we are made partakers of Christ if we hold the beginning of our confidence steadfast unto the end. He warns us in verse 12 not to have an evil heart of unbelief and depart from the living God as the children of Israel departed from the faith when the spies brought back an evil report. In Chapter 10 he warns them not to draw back and in chapter 12 warns them not to turn away and that they will not escape judgment if they do so. He is talking to the church to Christians. James warns us in his epistle that faith without works is vain and dead and profits nothing. Peter in his first epistle admonishes us to purify ourselves and walk in holiness and warns us that judgment begins at the house of God. In his 2nd epistle, chapter 1 he says that we must give diligence to make our calling and election sure by giving all diligence to add to our faith, virtue and to virtue, knowledge and to knowledge, temperance and so on. He says for if we do these things we will not fall but an entrance to the everlasting kingdom of our Lord shall be ministered unto us. But you see it is conditional upon us making our calling and election sure by adding these fruits to our faith. You see God is choosing those who are choosing Him, not those who once upon a time said a prayer.

Jesus warns us in His resurrected and ascended state in His revelation to John to return to our first love or else our candle in His kingdom will be snuffed out. He lets us know that anyone who is lukewarm will be spewed out of his mouth. Yet we continue on this path of seeking eternal security in something besides Jesus Himself. After all, we don’t want anyone to be scared their not saved or under condemnation for sin. Paul warned not to put a novice in office lest he be lifted up in pride and fall in to the condemnation of the devil. In other words condemnation is of the devil but someone who falls into sin can fall into that condemnation because they are no longer abiding in Christ. I believe when Paul spoke about turning someone over to the devil for the destruction of the flesh that the spirit might be saved that he was speaking of turning them over to condemnation. I had rather fall into condemnation than end up in hell. You don’t have to tell me about condemnation and how horrible it can be. I know. I have walked through it. In my early years as a Christian I decided to play around with the flesh a little. After having been baptized and filled with the Spirit and grown in much knowledge I fell into temptation and thought I could give into it and compromise a little seeking gratification of my flesh and get away with it. The Spirit kept warning me and convicting me but I kept on playing around and eventually fell into horrible condemnation from the devil which led to me just giving up on the faith and being shipwrecked for two years from 83-85 until God graciously brought me to a place where I could not only respond to His conviction with repentance but forgive myself for where I had fallen as that was a key to freedom. But no one needs to tell me about condemnation. I know how horrible and depressing and oppressive it can be. But that’s no reason to pat people on the back and send them off to hell just so their ride while they are here will be a little more comfortable.

Many say we are sealed with the Spirit of promise and that it cannot be broken. I brake seals on envelopes all the time when they arrive in the mail. They quote that Jesus said: Whoever comes to Me I will in no wise cast out. Well of course He won’t cast out someone who comes to Him. His whole purpose in redemption and the cross was to open the door so that people could come to Him to His throne of grace and receive mercy and help and reconciliation. Why would He cast them out? That would be contradictory to His love and purpose. But He never said that person could not walk away or turn away from Him. He just said He wouldn’t cast them out if they came to him. None of the few scriptures that people try to pull out like pulling a rabbit out of a hat to support their doctrine of unconditional eternal security of salvation hold up. The scriptures simply do not teach what they try to say they teach. But by believing and teaching that they do we produce a lukewarm church that Jesus will have to spew out of His mouth. This is why He spoke with a broken heart saying after all that He had taught about abiding in Him and prayer, He said; nevertheless, when the Son of man comes, will He find faith on the earth?

Oh dear ones! May we understand that we must pursue God and holiness and as His ambassadors pursue the salvation of the lost in order to minister to His heart because HE is worthy rather than just trying to get a ticket into heaven. He has already told us. He who seeks to find his life shall lose it but he who loses his life for His sake and the gospel’s will keep in unto life eternal!

Jesus made it clear when He spoke the parable of the ten virgins who represent the church, their virginity representing having been cleansed from sin and made virgins that they also needed to have their vessels filled carrying oil in their lamps. He showed us that in the last days that many of the virgins would not have their vessels filled with the oil of the Holy Spirit and their lamps would burn out for lack of Spirit/ oil that was in their lamps. He said that they would still come knocking saying Lord, Lord, let us in but He would respond: I know you not!

May we stay filled with the oil of His Spirit continuously and seek after Him and His face forevermore! May we say with David: One thing have I desired of the Lord! That will I seek after- to dwell in His temple and behold the beauty of the Lord. May He say of us that we as Mary have chosen the better part to not be cumbered about and anxious with many other things but to sit at His feet gazing into His face, and that that which we have chosen shall not be taken away from us and say well done My good and faithful servant, enter into thy rest!

“True Christianity”

So many will be in for a rude awakening when Jesus returns so very soon. How is it that they search the scriptures and think they have eternal life and do not come to Jesus that they might have eternal life. The answer is that eternal life is not in the scriptures but in a person of which the scriptures testify of. Yes, Jesus said the words that I speak to you are spirit and they are life. But you cannot receive life from those words without receiving the person Who is speaking them. How many times have I heard that verse spoken even since I was a young child saying; Not everyone that comes to me saying Lord, Lord will enter the kingdom, but he that does the will of my Father. Jesus’ response to so many is depart from Me for I never knew you. But we hear the preacher say: Don’t worry about that, you said the prayer, you can’t lose your salvation. Once you’ve said the prayer you’re saved. How many pastors will be judged on that day for damning men’s souls with their pacifying words? Keith Green said it so clearly: Saying a prayer doesn’t make you a Christian, people in every religion pray. Even praying to Jesus doesn’t make you a Christian, He said many will come in that day saying Lord, Lord and He’ll say depart from Me, I never knew you……You know what a Christian is he said: I’ve got a really good definition; someone who is bananas for Jesus, someone who loves the Lord his God with all his heart and all his soul and all his mind. Since Keith made this quote at the end of his song I’ve never come up with a better definition. You see, that’s what Christianity is…..loving Jesus. And if you don’t know Him you can’t love Him. So many think they are Christians but they don’t know Him because they’ve never met Him. So how do you meet Him? Through an experience called repentance and faith which only comes in response to the conviction of the Holy Spirit. How do you get the conviction of the Holy Spirit? Well someone can be praying for you and you get it. Or you stumble in to a place where the anointed Word of God is being preached and you get it. Or you get on your knees and start praying to find God asking for mercy and He brings it and you get it. When you seek Me you will find me when you search for Me with all your heart Jere.29:13. But you must get it. If your life isn’t all about Jesus, but more about your job, your friends, your goals, and He’s just someone who takes a backseat to Sunday morning;….well, you could just be backslidden but you’re probably not a Christian. If it’s always been that way then you’re definitely not a Christian because you don’t know Him. He who knows Him loves Him. That’s what Christianity is……knowing and loving Jesus, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords Who reigns on high in beauty and glory and holiness. Life is about Jesus. Jesus and I Am the Way, the Truth, and the Life. When we know Him our lives are centered around Him and Him alone. Everything else is meaningless outside of knowing Him. Once you’ve met Him and have been filled with His Holy Spirit nothing else can ever satisfy again.

There is a strong delusion coming and many will be deceived and reject the faith because they never knew Him!

“The Necessity Of Prayer”
Bob Ross Thomas

Our House of Prayer ministry is our main focus of this ministry. Everything else flows out of this. Our House of Prayer ministry is a combination of prayer, and praise and worship, which flow out of prayer. Nothing else happens without this. Worship and prayer is the cornerstone of our Christian life and walk and relationship with Jesus. We cannot do anything else without it. Ministry flows out of relationship.

Evangelism that is anointed and has power flows from the Holy Spirit. Anything else is mere words and powerless. If we’re not spending time in worship and prayer with Jesus then we have no power to do anything else. Jesus said to abide in Him and lets His words abide in us for without Him we can do nothing! To attempt to do something without Him is mere religion. And prayerlessness is the greatest sin of all to the Christian. When a Christian fails to spend time in prayer with God he is neglecting his relationship with God and walking in self reliance rather than dependancy on God which is pride and sin. If we are going to bear any fruit we must first abide in the vine. We must first know God before we try to make Him known.

Yet so many pastors don’t want their congregations to get under condemnation or get wrapped up in legalism so they don’t want to push their people to any particular standard of time in prayer so they say really very little of it except that it’s good and important. So the result is they are left to pray when and where they want which may only be 15 minutes on Wednesday. Unless they decide to go off to a ministry school or a disciple- ship school in a place like Youth With A Mission where they would be taught to spend no less than an hour a day with God. But most just stick with the local church. They may start out on fire but they end up just trying to hang on. Why? Because they have no spiritual life or strength because they have had no time with God. Why? Because if man is left to his own devises he will always choose the path of least resistance. If a Christian is left undiscipled in prayer he or she with the help of untamed flesh and help of the tempter who wants none of us to pray will likely choose to spend less and less time with God.

Most Charismatic or pentecostal churches start out on fire when they are first planted and the gifts of the Spirit are flowing. After a while though that all changes. Why? Well, just go and find out. For very one to two hundred people you may see one of them that comes to the weekly prayer meeting. Many want to come and sing songs and get preached to but so very few want to come and do carpet time before the Lord in prayer. No wonder we haven’t seen revival in America. Revival flows out of prayer and we don’t pray here. Oh we have our weekend events or one day events where we call the nation to prayer or repentance and have a prayer conference where a small number attend in comparison to the call. But then once the prayer retreat is over it’s back to the same old thing. Nobody wants to commit to prayer on a regular basis with consis- tancy. It’s too hard a work or boring for them. When in truth in the presence of the Lord is the most wonderful place to spend your time. When I spent time up north in Philly years ago and attended a church there it was the only one I’d ever seen where their prayer meetings were full. No wonder on Sunday morning God would just start healing people in the middle of the worship time. Any other church I have attended has always had one percent or less in attendance to their prayer meetings.

I remember several years ago when I heard people in the churches here in the US saying: We’ve found the secret. It’s cell groups like Paul Yongi Cho in Korea. Well, I already knew that was wrong. I had spent a year and a half in Korea in the military and attended Paul Yonggi Cho’s church as well as their all night prayer meetings and their fasting and prayer mountain. No, my friend. Cell groups wasn’t their secret to revival, prayer was. As a matter of fact, Pastor Cho wrote a book entitled: “Prayer: Key To Revival”. Until we learn to get on our knees regularly in America, I hardly see how we could experience true revival. I’m afraid it may take the judgements we’ve been hearing from the so-called doom and gloom prophets like major earthquakes and floods etc. before we get the sense enough to fall to our knees and pray. I hope not.